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About Us

We aim to introduce unique full-grain silk leather goods to people seeking authentic and fashionable leather at a fair price. Silk leather is also known as thinner and softer leather.

Most of our leather garments are made of New Zealand leather. We meticulously select leather that has been carefully processed and treated without substances harming the health.

We group together with our professional artisans and masters in our atelier in Istanbul. Through this journey, we collaborate and connect with them to create leather goods that are carefully controlled.





We select the leather that is made of the fiber-rich part of the material. This leather is ethically made and does not contain ingredients harming human health. It is breathable, soft, and light. You will feel the natural skin when you touch it.



We collaborate with the experienced team and artisans who are passionate about leather works. Thanks to their craftmanship skills, your unique leather products are established.



Based in Wellington city, our store aims to bring elegant and authentic leather fashion goods for fair prices. We ourselves take care of all logistics works which reduce the high margins on prices.




We were inspired by our family’s farming traditions and craftmanship skills in wool and leather works. This is where our surname, Karakoç, comes from. It means “Black Ram” in Turkish. Inspired by our family’s traditional crafting skills, we continued this as a business in establishing authentic hand-made goods.

After locating to New Zealand for research purposes in 2019, we wanted to continue our business in the wool sector only. However, considering the market, we highlighted the leather sector. This is how our journey started.


Of course, we wanted to showcase these products by embracing the official language of New Zealand. Hence, we gave the name “huruhuru” for our brand, meaning “wool, fur, or feather” in Te Reo Māori (the Māori Language). For our context, we focused on the “wool” because it connects with our family’s crafting practices. Of course, we also establish sophisticated leather garments with wool fleece and fur details.


We aim to establish a New Zealand leather fashion brand. In the future, we are planning to establish our atelier in New Zealand and promote it to the world right from here. We will continue to protect the quality and uniqueness of our products.


Our logo and name trademark have been approved by the Māori Advisory Committee at the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ), Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) for wool and leather products.